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Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Day Makeup and Hair

When done correctly, your wedding hair and makeup schedule can create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels beautiful, and they have time to prepare at their own pace. If done incorrectly, a wedding hair and makeup timeline can cause chaos and leave no time for photos, or room for errors. This will lead to stress and anxiety on the big day.

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Here are some of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding hair and makeup schedule:

1. Consult the Professionals

Ask your hair stylists and makeup artists how much time each person needs. Talk to your photographer to find out when they need to begin taking photos. Create the timeline based on their input. Leave blocks of time for each bridesmaid, and check that you didn’t forget anyone or have scheduled someone for two slots on the same day.

2. Don’t Leave Room for Error

It is a good idea to add time in the schedule for bridesmaids who are late, touch-ups, or someone who doesn’t like their hair or makeup. It’s possible that some of your bridesmaids may not be happy with the results because they aren’t involved in trial runs. Allowing extra time for redos is a good idea, even though you don’t want to encourage them. This will keep your timeline on track and avoid any stress.

3. Prioritise the Bridesmaids Who Are Most Responsible

You will be more stressed if you begin your day late. To avoid this, you should be very strategic when scheduling your bridesmaids. Don’t put your friend who is late all the time in the first spot. Put your most responsible and considerate friend in the first slot. This bridesmaid will likely get her makeup done earlier in the day. Try to give her 10 minutes to touch up at the end.

4. Do Not Schedule Yourself (Or Your Mom) Early in the Day

Schedule your mother or yourself last in the morning. You can prep your skin or set your hair earlier so that your stylist has more time to finish. But you should never be ready for your ceremony at 4 PM with your hair and makeup done by 10 AM. Your mom should be treated the same way. You should prioritize the time a stylist will spend with you and your mother-of-the-bride above all other attendants so that you both can feel confident and fresh for the photos and wedding.

5. Do Not Ask the Bridal Party for a Timeline

To avoid scheduling issues, do not let your bridal party see the timeline for their hair and makeup too early. This could lead to complaints and requests for rescheduling. You can discuss these issues with your wedding planner if you are working alone. It’s important to start somewhere.

Hair And Makeup With Michele Renee The Studio

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6. Hire Additional Stylists

Hiring multiple makeup and hair artists is the best way to avoid a day that starts too early. Many stylists will have a team of makeup artists and hair stylists they can call on as needed. This simple addition can save you hours, allowing you and your bridesmaids to relax in the morning.

7. Don’t Forget That Hair and Makeup Can Happen at the Same Time

If needed, a bridesmaid may be able to get their hair and makeup done simultaneously, depending on the stylists’ preferences. The bridesmaid can feel more confident and complete after the final look is completed.

8. Make Sure Someone Is Monitoring the Time

It could be the wedding planner or the hair and makeup stylist. Or it could even be a friend who is responsible. But someone has to keep an eye on the schedule so that everything runs smoothly. This person must be able to micromanage and step in if someone is running behind schedule to keep everything on track.

9. Do Not Start Taking Photos Too Early

If you’re worried about the makeup-free photos, I suggest scheduling the photographer a few hours before the bridal party arrives. getting ready shots can be beautiful, but most people are more comfortable with makeup even when they’re in their robes having their hair done.

10. Allow Yourself Enough Time to Dress

It takes longer than you think to get into your bridal gown. Your photographer will also want to capture this moment. This will make the hair and makeup part of the wedding day more enjoyable. It will also keep it on schedule.

Remember to plan your hair and makeup routine thoroughly, even if there is a large bridal party. You should seek the advice of professionals, allow for any mishaps, and communicate with your bridal party. All of these will help you to have a stress-free wedding!

Hair And Makeup With Michele Renee The Studio

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