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Hair Styling for Makeup Artists

A good makeup artist will tell you that adding new makeup techniques to your repertoire is an excellent way to diversify your career. Do you know that this rule extends beyond just makeup techniques? You might also benefit from other beauty skills, such as Hair Styling. You’re on your way to becoming a more successful makeup artist if you have thought about learning some basic hair-styling techniques that you can use with your makeup.

Why Learn To Style Your Hair?

You will be more attractive to clients if you can offer basic hair styling and being a makeup artist. You can also earn money in addition to your makeup artistry. Impressing a client with your diverse skill set can lead to them hiring you for both hair and makeup services, rather than employing separate professionals. By being the sole provider for both services, you can earn extra income and have a competitive advantage in hiring situations, especially if you master basic hair styling skills. Offering both makeup and hair services increases your chances of getting hired.

Who Would Need the Services of a Makeup Artist for Hair Styling?

Makeup artists with hair styling expertise are in high demand across various sectors, making their marketability even greater. Brides opting for freelance services often prefer one professional who can skillfully manage makeup and hair to achieve a cohesive look for their big day. One-stop solutions not only make planning easier but also offer cost-effective options for film and television sets. Makeup artists who double as hair stylists become invaluable, often tipping the scales in hiring decisions. Fashion industries such as modeling agencies, photo shoots, runway shows, and theatrical productions often demand professionals with both makeup and hair styling expertise. Professionals excelling in both makeup and hairstyling can thrill clients in these industries; finding someone skilled in both areas often leads to high client satisfaction.

What Will You Learn From Our Hairstyling Course

Our hairstyling course is specifically designed to stand out from other courses that focus mainly on hair-cutting and coloring techniques. Instead, our focus lies on styling techniques while taking into account regional license requirements for coloring and cutting services. This course equips you to use tools such as brushes, flat irons, and curling irons effectively in order to temporarily alter hairstyles without altering their inherent structure.

Makeup artists looking to expand their repertoire without venturing into haircutting and coloring can benefit significantly from this niche focus. As it often requires additional licensing, this option provides them with more time for other creative pursuits. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the local licensing requirements for hairstyling services in your area. Certain jurisdictions might mandate formal license processes. Our course aims to equip you with an extensive skillset so that you are ready to meet industry demands while meeting legal regulations.

What Are The Most Beneficial Lessons I Should Learn

Mastering fundamental hair styling skills is an integral component of diversifying services for makeup artists. Our course provides essential techniques that will enable you to market yourself as both a makeup artist and hairstylist with confidence. Learn to utilize heat tools and brushes effectively for creating different styles – from voluminous curls to sleek straight locks! Understanding their subtle differences will be key. Techniques such as back brushing and pinning are indispensable when creating beautiful updos for special events, while braiding techniques offer endless styling possibilities. These skills allow you to dramatically transform a person’s appearance without resorting to hair dyeing or cutting techniques, increasing both professional value and client reach. This comprehensive skill set increases professional worth as well as expands client appeal.

What Tools You Need To Learn How To Style Your Hair?

Everyone can afford essential hairstyling products of various qualities. Most tools can be found in your local drugstore or beauty shop. These include curling irons and curling wands. They also have hair ties, round brushes, pick combs, and round brushes. You will also learn about things most people don’t use regularly, like Marcel irons and heat protection sprays. The hair stylist’s kit consists of affordable tools and products for beginners to use to gain experience. After gaining experience, you can purchase high-quality versions of these tools for professional use. You’ll find that the more you know about your styling tools, the more you can create styles like braids, curly hair, beehives, and historical updos.

Michele Renee Studio is always excited to introduce our students to new and exciting ways to improve their skills, such as hair styling for makeup artists! Watch out for opportunities to expand your career!

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