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Michele Renee The Studio is located at 5407 North Central Avenue in Tampa, FL. It has a reputation for expertise, trustworthiness, and authority in the bridal hair and make-up industry. The award-winning team has a long history of excellence and is highly skilled in a variety of styles and techniques. They use top-quality products and have mastered countless styles. They’ve worked with brides and celebrities alike and have earned a reputation for being industry leaders. Their blend of elegance and creativity is a mix of tradition and modernity. Their service is based on trust, which ensures a seamless experience and a personalized one from the initial consultation through to the wedding day. Numerous positive reviews attest to their commitment to customer satisfaction. For bookings or inquiries, they can be contacted at 813-531-7770 or info@michelereneethestudio.com.

Why Michele Renee the Studio

Michele Renee Studio is much more than a bridal makeup and hair service. It’s an unwavering commitment to perfection and excellence. Our team has been trained to the highest standards in hair and makeup. Our passion and experience allows us to make each bride feel and look like a superstar on her special day.

Wedding Services

We provide a variety of services tailored to meet your individual needs. We offer a wide range of services, from wedding hair styling to airbrush application. Our packages are tailored to suit every budget and style. Our team of talented artists will create the perfect look for you, whether it’s an elegant updo, or a natural glowing makeup finish. We also offer other services, such as boudoir sessions, corporate events and media productions. Our expertise can be tailored to suit different occasions.

Wedding Hair And Makeup Tampa Fl

Michele Renee The Studio is a bridal hair and makeup studio that serves Orlando, FL and clients around the world. You will look stunning on your wedding day with our award-winning artists and top-quality products. We’ll work with you to create a bridal look that is classic or contemporary. We have worked with many celebrities to create looks that are both beautiful and stylish.

What We Do

 Michele Renee began her creative journey at age 7 with a playful experiment. Michele Renee began her career as a makeup artist by painting on her brother. She has worked with celebrities like Rue McClanahan and Caroline Rhea.

Perfection is not just a word at Michele Renee The Studio; it’s also our ethos. Only the most talented, award-winning artist are hired to create your perfect wedding. We use only top-quality products. We have a team of talented artists and extensive knowledge to ensure that you will enjoy a memorable experience.

We are based in Tampa, FL and we strive to bring our expertise to clients around the world, whether it is for weddings or social events. Call us; we would love to talk, answer your questions, and even help you choose your wardrobe. You’re more than just a customer at Michele Renee Studio.

Bridal hair and makeup in Orlando FL is more than just a service. It’s an artistic expression, a commitment to beauty and a customized experience that captures a bride’s personality and style. Michele Renee The Studio is a beacon for excellence in the industry. It offers brides from Orlando, FL and beyond an opportunity to shine on their wedding day. The Studio’s blend of traditional and contemporary techniques, combined with years of experience, expertise, authority and trust, ensures each client looks and feels extraordinary. Not only is it about creating stunning hairstyles and make-up, but also about building confidence and making dreams a reality. If you’re a bride to-be looking for the perfect look, or someone who wants to explore the elegance, creativity, and professionalism of professional beauty services. Michele Renee Studio is ready and waiting to welcome you to a world in which beauty is celebrated, personalized, and flawlessly performed.

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Bridal Hair And Makeup Orlando FL is not merely a service; it’s an art form, a dedication to beauty, and a personalized experience that captures the essence of a bride’s unique personality and style. In the heart of this industry, Michele Renee The Studio stands as a beacon of excellence, offering brides in Orlando, FL, and beyond, an opportunity to truly shine on their special day. With a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and contemporary flair, backed by years of expertise, authority, and trust, the Studio ensures that each client feels and looks extraordinary. It is not just about creating beautiful hairstyles and makeup; it’s about crafting memories, building confidence, and turning dreams into reality. Whether you are a bride-to-be seeking the perfect look or someone looking to explore the elegance and creativity of professional beauty services, Michele Renee The Studio is ready to welcome you into a world where beauty is personalized, celebrated, and flawlessly executed.

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Perfection is a word that we don’t take lightly at Michele Renee The Studio. Simply put, your wedding day should be perfect! We pride ourselves on quality! It’s really the one thing our brides tell us we exceed in time and time again. To achieve this, we ONLY hire other award winning artists and ONLY use top quality products. Don’t believe it? Check out our testimonials on our page and on Google!

Thoroughly trained in a cornucopia of hair and makeup fields, our team of expert artists and their years of experience place them alongside other world class on-locations hair and makeup services. We also specialize in courses teaching YOU with our assorted classes you can sign up for such as:

Take our years of knowledge and combine it with a talented team of artists who wish to create a memorable wedding day experience, and you get Michele Renee The Studio. – Contact us now, we’d love to book your appointment for makeup or hair, answer questions, or even help you pick your wardrobe!

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FAQs: Wedding Hair and Makeup in Tampa, FL

1. Why should I hire a professional for wedding hair and makeup in Tampa, FL?

Hiring a professional ensures you get high-quality results tailored to your preferences, ensuring you look your best on your special day. Professionals also understand the local climate and can choose products that withstand Tampa’s humidity and heat.

2. How far in advance should I book my hair and makeup artist?

It’s recommended to book your hair and makeup artist at least 6-12 months in advance, especially if your wedding is during the peak season in Tampa.

3. Do makeup artists offer trial sessions?

Yes, many makeup artists in Tampa offer trial sessions. It allows you to experiment with different looks and ensure you’re comfortable and satisfied with the final look.

4. How long will the hair and makeup session take on my wedding day?

Typically, brides can expect the makeup and hair session to take 1.5 to 2.5 hours combined. However, the exact duration depends on the complexity of the chosen style.

5. Will the makeup withstand Florida’s heat and humidity?

Professional makeup artists in Tampa often use products designed to be long-lasting and resistant to heat and humidity, ensuring your makeup stays flawless throughout your big day.

6. Should I wash my hair on the day of the wedding?

Most hairstylists recommend washing your hair a day before as slightly ‘older’ hair tends to hold styles better. However, always follow your stylist’s specific instructions.

7. Can the makeup artist accommodate my bridal party as well?

Most makeup artists can accommodate bridal parties. It’s essential to inform them beforehand about the number of people to ensure they schedule enough time and bring extra staff if needed.

8. Do artists travel to the wedding venue or should I visit the studio?

Many hair and makeup artists in Tampa offer on-site services, traveling to your venue or location of choice. Some may charge an additional travel fee, so always confirm beforehand.

9. What if I have skin allergies or sensitivities?

If you have skin concerns, inform your makeup artist in advance. Many professionals offer hypoallergenic and sensitive skin product options.

10. What should I do to prepare my skin for wedding makeup?

Maintaining a regular skincare routine leading up to the wedding, including cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating, can help ensure your makeup applies smoothly. Some makeup artists also recommend professional facials a few weeks prior.




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